With the Aborigines at Alice Springs

Well before I start the Ayers Rock thing I gotta tell you about an experience that just happened. I know it’ll be outta sinc, but it was pretty special.

Last night I went out for a meal and a beer, and met this Aussie girl and an English guy, and we spent the night having a chat. We were mainly talking about our experiences of the Aborigines so far, which had been predominately negative. For me, I’ve been around the world and engaged with people from every continent, language barrier or not, and been accepted wherever I’ve gone…. even Yorkshire!!! 😉  But thus far, all my attempts at engaging with Aboriginals have been disheartening. They’ve come across as insular with hearts tempered with hate.

I was wondering whether my intuitional feeling towards them had been affected by the countless negative stories White Australians had been feeding me about them and I had started to create that reality because my approach, perhaps, had been affected when I encountered them. They were a people I was actually beginning to dislike and I didn’t like that. I left the conversation last night hoping that I would have a positive experience with the Aborigines and wanted to understand them better.

Anyway, this afternoon I was about to come to the end of a book, which has been by my side for about 4 years now (Heaven’s Mirror by Graham Hancock, been reading it bit by bit at times it felt right to) and sat in the hostel. My intuition kicked in and something told me to go down to the river in Alice Springs and read it there. So I got straight up and wandered over wearing just my flip-flops and quiksilver swim shorts, while holding the book and a cup of Earl Grey!

Now the River Todd isn’t really a river…. it’s more of a riverbed!!! There’s only water a couple of times a year, and when I got there I saw a group of Aborigines sitting in the middle of it having a beer, so I wandered over and politely asked if I could join them. They were so welcoming and friendly, and we did all the pleasantries and cultural exchanges and started having a real bubble. It was great.

They started telling me their names and I was having trouble trying to remember!!!! They told me that the Aborigines have two names, their Skin name and a Christian one. Then Michael, a shaman, stood up and declared “It hasn’t rained in a long time… I’m gonna make it rain!” With that he started chanting and doing some kind of Aboriginal rain dance…. only because he was so half-cut…. he fell over!!! That didn’t stop him though… he just carried on the dancing horizontally on the floor!!!!…. It was hilarious and everyone cracked-up!!!! They’ve got such a sense of humour these people!!!! 🙂

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went back into town, grabbed myself a beer and returned to join them. On my return they’d decided to give me an Aboriginal name – Jara Janga (or something like that…… I’m terrible at remembering and pronouncing other languages!!!). They said it meant “of Aboriginal Skin”.

What a bloody compliment!!! They were so good to me, all seemingly wanting my attention at once. When I left they were all saying my name and goodbyes as I walked into the distance, and I was waving my arms off!!! I’m so glad I had this experience, it’s so special! Not only have I worked my right of passage in terms of the white heritage here (Ok…… I know it was only for two weeks!!!), but I’ve also now been accepted by the Aborigines. That’s just so special. I love my life 🙂

Now where was I… Ayers Rock….

Love and Light,



Throughout the rest of my travels around Australia I investigated further to discover exactly what the skin name the Aborigines gave me meant and to confirm whether they were being genuine, having fun or just genuinely having fun!!!! It turned out to be quite difficult because I was told that there are many dialects around Australia and because Alice Springs is the traditional meeting place, I couldn’t be completely sure which Aboriginal tribe I encountered.

No-one I met had ever heard the phrase Jara Janga, but Brian (who I worked for on the mineral exploration job and who was very well travelled around the outback in Australia) said that he thought that Jiri Jingi was a derogatory term that the Aborigines used for white people, but also that Jara meant “land” in Aboriginal. I thanked Brian for his help but explained that that didn’t help at all!!!! Jara was definitely the first part of the name though, and that was easy to remember. It was the second part that I found hard to pronounce and so remember, but I haven’t been able to confirm either of Brian’s translations anyway!!!! The only meaning I’ve found for Jara in Aboriginal is seagull, and that doesn’t seem right either, but here’s the thing; while researching I had the thought to look into what Jara meant in other languages around the world and this is what I found:

In Hebrew it means “he enlightens, he shines”

In Sanskrit it means “mother”

In Slavic it means “spring”

In Arabic it means “earthern water jug”

In Spanish it means “rockrose”

And overall it’s generally regarded as female or the first female name.

There’s something else too. Apart from Michael, the Shaman that declared the name for me, the only other name that I remember was the name of the lady I was sitting next to, and to whom I enquired about the meaning of the name they’d called me. She repeated that it meant that I was of Aboriginal skin. She was very kind and very sincere, and her name was Mary.

It’s a strange synchronicity because as I was completing my journey following the St. Michael and St. Mary Beltane Sunrise Alignment across Cornwall and England last year I noticed something quite extraordinary. Without planning it, after coming to the end of the Mary current, I walked along the sea front to discover the end of the Michael current and I realised that the time was 5.02pm…. Ten years, to the minute, since I’d set off on my unplanned journey around the world which would end up leading me to mark the Solstices and Equinoxes at Angkor Wat, Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Stonehenge.

The date was 10th June 2005/2015

You cant make things like that up… at least I cant.

Lots of Love, Lee x

P.S. The St. Mary and St. Michael Alignment (to Dreamer)

P.P.S. After writing this supplementary I began posting pictures and videos on some of the adventures and when I added my flight ticket home to the Moteoka Adventure I noticed that the expiry date for my around the world ticket was 11th June, 2006, and I thought that was odd because I thought that should mean that I left on the day of 11th June and not the day of 10th June as my intuition was informing as I completed the journey along the Mary and Michael Alignment. It seemed about right at the time, but I recalled that I left on a Saturday (because we went to have Pie and Mash during the afternoon before I departed). So I went to check the calendar for 2005 and it turned out I did leave on 11th June!!! I then thought “Oh no… I’ve mugged myself off here!!! How has this happened? My intuition was blatently letting me know something special at the time!!! How could it have been wrong?” But then I remembered that I’d actually crossed the international date line on the way home, living the “same” day twice in LA, and so I’ve been one day out of sinc with the Gregorian Calendar ever since!!! So my own personal 10th June is the 11th… if that makes any sense!!! 🙂

As ever, whenever I appear to have got something wrong I usually discover that there is a very good reason for it, but you can still call me a mug if you want!!! No worries 🙂

Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part V

So……..  I carried on enjoying the sight of the Big Red Fella, out of the back window of the camper, as he faded into the distance and became a silhouette as the light began to fail. The English couple dropped me off by my hotel and I thanked them….. what a touch!!!

I bowled into the hotel grounds, leaving the bike outside reception and in full view of the bar, so that when Liam came along he was bound to clock it, and then I went off for some munch…… baked beans on toast were the order of the day!!!!! What would I do without that wonderful cuisine?!!!!

So after refuelling and having a shower I headed down to the bar for a cheeky couple, just to be social and because I had arranged to meet Liam and buy him a couple of beers too, but when I got there, he was nowhere to be seen and the bike remained where I had left it. I spotted the women I was sitting next to on the plane from Sydney, so I went across and sat with them. They were with a Scottish woman, who was quite lively and jolly, and as soon as I sat down I caught that look from her…….. you know what look guys……. that look you get from a bird that lasts about ½ a second too long and when you catch it…….. you know……… you’re in business!!!! 😉

When the English women left I stayed talking with her and we got onto the subject of the Rock, and I started talking about the amazing day I’d just had…. and then she suddenly stopped me in mid-sentence with this totally judgmental expression on her face and said “What…. you’ve been up there?” ….”Yeah, I did… because it felt right to…..have you?” I replied. Then she said in this totally judgemental voice “No…. because the Aborigines have asked me not to”.

Now it wasn’t just what she said…it was the tone of voice she used, the body language and the manner in which she said it…. it was that complete judgemental “I’m morally superior to the rest of the world” attitude and it really got my goat………. I was sitting next to an extreme white liberal!!!!!! AAAARRRGGGGHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!….. So me being me…. I decided to challenge her….

“So when did the Aborigines ask you not to go up there?” I asked. “What ?” she replied…“Have you ever spoken to an Aborigine about going up there?” I rephrased my question “No…. it says so on the sign there”…. ahh right I thought….no effort to try and communicate with these people…. just read the shit you’re told to believe!!! So I went onto explain that I had spoken with an Aborigine about going up there, that very morning… namely Luke, and he hadn’t expressed he found it offensive in any way…

*But anyway…. offence is just a perspective….. what’s offensive to one person, may not be to another…. it just depends on your own personal view on reality……. so why restrict your own personal experience of life based on the perspective of someone else…. the answer is you shouldn’t….. you should just follow your own heart and experience the things it feels right for you to experience and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. In fact, since I’ve been in Australia, I haven’t had a conversation with one Aborigine who has indicated that they have a problem with me going up the Rock…. not one….. but I’m continually told by westerners that that’s the case!!!!! Maybe I’ve just met the Aborigines who don’t give a fuck!!!!*

……and so I continued to explain that my reasons for going up there were spiritual (that’s why I was there for the Spring Equinox) and I had positive intentions, and as long as you treat the rock with respect and don’t damage it in anyway…. then I didn’t believe there should be a problem with anyone going up there. She said “But it is being damaged…. There’s a black line up the side of it where people walk and I think it’s disgusting!!!”

Oh….. the faint black line…. yes, there is as it happens…. but its got nothing to do with the rock being damaged or mistreated in anyway….. you see… the Big Red Fella is in fact….. wait for this ladies and gentleman, cos you might find it a bit of a shock… and if the information hadn’t crossed my path and I hadn’t asked the right questions, I wouldn’t have believed it myself!!!………. BLACK!!!!!

I know, I know….. I saw this picture a guy called Grant had of it on the screen save of his computer. I asked why it was black and he told me that that was its true colour and that he had taken the picture after there was some heavy rain. Apparently the Rock has metallic mineral properties and when it reacts with the air it oxidises and turns red…. Just like rust on a car!!! When it rains all the composite gets washed off!!!! So the trail is just where people are exposing the true face of the Big Black Fella!!!!

Anyway, after an awkward silence I made a couple of jokes and we moved on, then I saw Chris turn up and so I went and joined him and a bunch of the other resort workers. He introduced me to everyone and I sat next to this beautiful girl called Vici. She was half white and half pacific islander and exuded a wonderfully positive energy. She immediately offered to buy me a drink (along with everyone else… I wasn’t that lucky!!) and went to the bar. Chris immediately saw the look on my face and said….”Don’t go there buddy…. you aint seen her boyfriend”…. Fuck it… I could wish couldn’t I!!!! 🙂

Anyway, after about an hour or so of chatting with Vici, Chris, and a couple of others, everyone was going back to the workers accommodation to party and they invited me along. On the way there Vici was trying to convince me to go for a job there, saying they always need people, and I was thinking about it. Then we got into workers area…. and oh my god…. its massive…. like another town…. only this town is like a holiday camp and every house has a mandatory spreading of empty beer cans and bottles….. Where were the full ones!!!!!!!!!!!

We eventually tracked down the party and Chris was trying to make me aware of where we were because it was like a maze, with everywhere looking the same. We cracked open a couple of beers and then Vici returned with her boyfriend. Chris turned to me and gave me this all knowing look and said… ”You see!”. And, Oh My God…. could I see!!!!!

Now the first thought that any guy has when he see’s Vici and her Norwegian boyfriend together is…..”HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN?!!!”. This thought is closely followed by an equally disbelieving thought…”YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!!!” The geezer was your usual build for a Viking, with a skinhead and a goat beard that only grew from the middle of his chin!!!!! He had piercing on his eyebrows, nose, lips, ears and tongue!!!! Nowhere was left untouched or unpierced…. at least as far as I could see!!!! And it was supplemented by strategically positioned tattoos on his head and arms!!!!! …..Bloody hell………women are still an enigma to me!!!! What can you do??? But he turned out to be quite a cool guy…. oh well.

After a while I met other people and got invited to the staff night club, so went with the flow and checked it out. It wasn’t too bad in there, but by about 2.30 am I was ready to go and got directions back to my hotel. Now, I happened to ask someone, who was already very drunk, for directions and when someone who’s drunk gives you directions…. they’re quite hard to follow and I was having trouble…. and it comes to a point where you start looking stupid if you keep asking for them to be repeated, and so I just left it as…. ”Right… I go that way do I?” and headed off into the distance….. and what a distance it was!!!!!!

I was walking around in circles, not knowing where the fuck I was, for about an hour…. I swear…. it was like A Nightmare on Elm Street!!! Whatever direction I walked in…I ended up back in the same place and there was no one about!!!! And I tell you what….I’d just accepted the fact that I’d probably be walking around in circles till dawn, when I saw a car driving towards me in the distance. I flagged it down and the geezer in the car recognised me……apparently I’d been talking to him in the club (I had no idea who he was!!!). They’d all seen that I’d left and were concerned about if I’d get back OK!!! Well obviously fucking not!!!!!!! 🙂

I goes “Bud…you gotta help me…. I’ve got absolutely no idea where I am!” and then I told him the name of my hotel and he goes ”Oh…its just over there”. ……Shit….. Fuck …. Bollocks…. Wanker…. just behind this row of trees was my bed!!!!!!! I was 50 yards from home and I’d been walking past it for the past hour!!!!! But if I hadn’t have been told I would never have known….. I was totally lost, and even though he told me where it was …. it still didn’t look right!!!! I thanked him and found my way back and was in bed by 4am….. what a day!!!!

I woke up at 8.30am… and weren’t feeling too bad, so got me act together as I knew I had to sort a way out of this place or get a job. So I brushed meself up and headed to reception to ask about work. When I got there I asked if I could see the human resources guy. The bird said he was busy in the office (just behind reception), but to fill in this application form. I did so and handed it back. Then she goes that she couldn’t accept it….. I was like…. ”Why?”….. “Because you havent filled in a contact phone number”!!!! I was like…. What the fuck… I’m HERE!!!!! So I asked “Cant you just go into the office and tell him I’m here and interested in work?”….she replied ”No that’s not our policy…. you need a contact number so we can contact you”….. WHAT?????…. I’M FUCKING HERE NOW YOU TWAT!!!…. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…. this is a place which is constantly crying out for people to work there and she was behaving like some kind of jobsworth robot!!! “Cant I just have a quick word with the guy?’ I said, “No…. put your number down and he’ll phone you”….. So I wrote down my number and just as I did a bloke, who also worked on reception, passed by and whispered in my ear “You’re making a mistake…. you really don’t want to work here”…. and then he slipped off!!! I was getting the picture!!!!

So I walked out and was set on finding the best way out of here to Kings Canyon, and clocked the resort car hire place. I walked in and asked the girl working there “What was the price for the cheapest car to hire for the day as I’m trying to weigh up the costs with that compared to a bus or tour”…… (Oh my God….. that fake smile again and eyes that have nothing behind!!!!).

“So you want our smallest car then sir” she said….”Well if it’s the cheapest…. then yes….but I actually just want a price” I replied…. “What day do you want it for” she continued….”No…it doesn’t matter…I just want a price…any day…. just you’re cheapest price” I answered, already seeing that this was starting to become difficult!!! “Well, where do you want to go” she said, “It doesn’t matter, just give me the cheapest price of your cheapest car with unlimited milage for one day” I said, trying to make my enquiry as bullet-proof as possible!!!…..”I’m sorry sir, by law we have to know where you wish to take the car” she replied in a computer monotone!!!!…… ”But I just want a price…. ok then…. Alice Springs” I said, becoming exasperated!!! “I’m afraid I cant help you then” she declared…. ”What… Why?” I said in confusion……. ”We don’t allow our cars to go to Alice Springs”……. AAARRRGGGHHH FOR FUCKS SAKE…. was she having some kind of bubble bath or what?!!!!!

“Look… please help me……. cant you just give me a price for a day…. any price….. it doesn’t even have to be the right one” I said, almost throwing in the towel….. ”Well where do you want to go?” she said in all seriousness!!!!

AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I was ready to slap her!!!!!! But just in the nick of time I saw a leaflet with all their prices for their different classes of cars…. and right at the top was their smallest model for $77 per day….. UUURRREEEIIKKKAAAA!!!!! So I says, pointing to the leaflet….. ”So that’s the price of your smallest car for the day is it?”…….. “No” she said “It doesn’t include surcharges and taxes”…. Blimey!!!…“OK, then” I said, managing to still keep my composure…. “So including surcharges and taxes…. What’s the price of your smallest car for a day?” I said. She punched a few buttons on the keyboard and then said “$114”.

“Well, thanks very much…. that’s all I wanted!” and I stormed out of there a quickly as possible!!!!!! Oh my God…. the bird was blatantly a muppet…. but the worst thing was that throughout the entire conversation she talked to me as If I was the muppet!!!!!! It was like a scene from Monty Python!!!! I swear… I had to get out of this place!!!!!!

So I went to the tourist office and to cut a long story short I booked on a tour that included Kings Canyon on the way to Alice Springs. Liam’s bike was still by reception…. so I just left it there and chilled out for the rest of the day. I never got a call from Human resources though….I didn’t switch my phone on!!!!! 🙂

In the evening I popped down to the bar and saw Vici having a beer. She beckoned me over and I told her (and the group of 4 others who were gathered around) about the events of my day and everyone was cracking up!!!! Vici couldn’t believe that they were being such arse wipes about the job situation…. especially cos they were so understaffed.

The topic went onto Ayers Rock, and it turned out that even though Vici had been at the resort for 3 months, she hadn’t gone up the Rock. An Aussie guy, who was there, and who apparently had been up a number of times, asked…. quite non-judgementally…. Why she hadn’t gone up there? Vici replied wonderfully and the way she answered exemplified how her physical beauty was a reflection the beauty she held within……she answered…. in an equally non-judgemental tone…. “Because I choose not to.”

And that’s it in a nutshell….. that’s what this life’s all about….. personal choice. Everyone smiled and had complete respect for her. How was it possible for you not to? Beautiful.

I got on to talking about the bike, which was still standing outside reception, and Vici said….. ”Oh My God…. you’re the tourist Liam gave his bike to?!!!!”… I goes “Yeah…. but how did you know about it?”. She went onto tell me that they were good friends and a couple of days ago Liam had come back saying that he’d just done a crazy thing…. he’d just given his bike away to a tourist he didn’t even know!!!!! When she told him that he was mad he said…. “Its ok…. my Karma will bring it back to me!”.

I said “I owe the geezer a few of beers…. is he quite spiritual then?” . Vici said “Yeah” and I gave her my email to give to him. She said she’ll keep it too and she’d take the bike back to him!!! So it looked as if he was right about his karma after all!!!!

With that I said my goodbyes and headed off to bed. I had an early start in the morning and I had to be up for ……   The Kings Canyon Adventure! 🙂

Love and Light,


P.S. Oh….. and on the subject of how long the Aborigines have been the keepers of the Rock for. Well, I met a man in Darwin who I asked that question to and his answer resonated with me:”Since the beginning of time” he said. And that’s what I believe to be the truth. Since the beginning of dream time.

Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part IV

Bloody hell…….I’m gonna have to cut these mails down to size cos I cant keep up with all the wonders I’m experiencing and the sorted people I’ve met!!!!! I’m having such a pukka time. Will briefly let you know the journey from Ayers Rock so far……. Kings Canyon….. Alice Springs……. Coober Pede…… Kangaroo Island…. Adelaide….. pukka job working out in the outback doing mineral exploration, driving 4×4 and quad bike for 15 days (that’s all to come baby!!!!)…….. Perth…..the Pinnacles….. Monkey Mia…. Coral Bay….. Canyons/National Parks/Waterfalls/Water Holes I cant even remember the name of……. sleeping out on 80 mile Beach….. and am presently in Broome…… heading to Darwin…. you know what I’m saying…. it just took me 5 minutes to write that!!!!!!

Reading back over my last mail, I realise I was getting a bit deep into stuff, but all the things I talked about were the thoughts I was having as I was walking around the Rock, and I think it’s important for me to remember those exact thoughts cos I know there’s a truth there. On this trip I’ve been talking to many people about these matters and trying to understand the different perspectives and where they originate from. All of what I’ve discovered is from what people have told me (and how I’ve felt when they’ve told me), in their own words, because I know that there’s one thing which is more important and powerful than the actual facts of any issue…….. and that’s people’s perception of the facts (the British Labour Government know that all too well).

So I’m gonna continue just talking to people to see where they’re coming from…….. and keep my eye out for those extreme white liberals!!!! (I’m calling them white cos in my experience they invariably are!!!!). They do get on my thropney bits!!!! At least with an extreme right fascist you know what you’re getting….. a ship and anchor who wants to control you and withstrict your rights……. they’re more overt in their principles. But you’re average extreme white liberal……. well…. they talk about your freedom yet simultaneously restrict your right to free will if it opposes their doctrine on reality….. they’re hypocrites and covert in their principles and I bloody hate them!!!!!….. Oh my God…. there’s still hate in my heart….. I’ve still got some work to do!!!!! 🙂

Aaaannnnyyyway…….. if this spiritual malarkeys “not your bag baby”, then skip this next bit cos it’s about to get a whole lot deeper. I’ll put a line under the end of it so you know where the fun begins again!!!!….. That’s if you’re still interested….. no offence taken if you’re not.


So…….something told me to go up towards the cave. It was my higher self…

* Just quickly…. you’ve got 7 main chakras….. 3 of the physical self and 3 of the higher(spiritual) self, with your heart chakra balancing in between. That’s why you should always follow your heart, wherever it takes you, without fear and tredipidation, because it knows what its doings and will always take you on the right path because its the place where you can best interpret all of what’s being communicated to you.*

…. So I followed my heart and reached the cave. It didn’t feel right to enter it, so I just looked in and then sat a couple of yards from its entrance, taking in the beautiful views that surrounded me. Now the thing is…. around Ayers Rock its really green, with trees and shrubs up to about 15 feet tall…. very suprising, but the most pleasant of suprises!!!!!

As I sat there I just had the feeling to lay back and close my eyes, so I followed the intuition and felt very comfortable. It’s very difficult for me to explain what happened next….. I haven’t the words or vocabulary to describe exactly what I felt. Infact, I’m not entirely sure if the words exist….

As I lay there, I slipped into what, at first, seemed to be a doze, but then felt completely different to that state of being. For the next half-hour to 40 minutes or so, for what must have been 3-4 minute spells at a time, I slipped into an awareness I’ve never experienced before. I had an awareness that only my thoughts existed and I’d lost touch/sense with my physical body and couldn’t hear or feel anything around me. It felt like only my consciousness existed, surrounded by nothingness….. yet….. paradoxically….. by everythingness. It felt like a place where two polarities simultaneously existed in the same place….. where my individual consciousness was away from, yet part of, a greater consciousness….. I haven’t the words or maybe the understanding to take that description of that any further….. I just know that it happened.

….. When I came to, I sat up and reached for an orange from my bag. I started to peel and eat it (carefully putting all the peel and pips in my bag), at peace, taking in the stunning views. I didn’t think…. “Oh man…. I just had the most amazing experience”…… I just thought…”Well that was interesting”….. and got up to continue my walk.

* When I was out working in the outback, I was in bed with Coldplays X and Y playing on my walkman, and trying to think of a way I could word that experience. When I eventually concluded how I could express it in words, my attention went to the music and I heard the lyric “And the hardest part“…… then the music stopped for was about 3 seconds ( in that time I was reaching out trying to locate my walkman in the complete darkness)….. then it started again…….”was letting go“….. then it stopped again, for what was to be another 3 odd seconds (now you count three seconds in your head…. its a bloody long time when you’re shitting yourself!!!!!! It was pitch black and I thought someone or something was in the room!!!!!)…….. then it started again……… “not taking part“……..and then it continued throughout the rest of the song uninterrupted. By the end of the song I had found my torch and put the song back to the beginning and played it through to see if it would stop again in the same place (maybe because of dirt or a scratch)……. but it was fine. I know it was a message and what a message……

“And the hardest part was letting go not taking part”

It’s pretty easy to go through life participating in a consensus reality, getting home from work and escaping into the TV, blaming everything and everyone else for the state of the world and the circumstances you live in. What’s hard is to let go of the security blanket of everything you give value to or feel you need, taking responsibility for every aspect of your life and the world around you, empowering yourself by knowing that you are all powerful, that you can create anything you want and you only have yourself to blame if you interpret an event that happens as being negative in your own reality.

The ironic things is that when you eventually find the courage to let go of everything you hold dear to you, you discover a security surpassing anything you could possibly imagine.*


So…. as I continued on my walk around the base of the Rock I really started enjoying the beautiful day. I’d reached the side of the Rock that was in the sunshine and I still couldn’t take me eyes off the Big Red Fella!!! I reached the start of the walk up it by about 11 and it was open.  🙂

I’d been looking at pictures of Ayers Rock since I was a saucepan lid and I was looking forward to the challenge of getting up there, wondering what it would be like….how it would look……how it may feel….. but the fact was I WAS THERE!!!!!…. I could touch it!!!!!……….. I could feel it!!!!!……..I couldn’t bloody Adam and Eve it!!!!!! I’m up for it!!!! I’m having it!!!!! I’m bloody LOVING IT!!!!!! 🙂

So I sank some water, refilled all my bottles at the water tank and banged into the ascent…..and my God its steep!!! The first 4 hundred yards or so has a chain to assist you, which annoyingly sags at knee level doing wonders for your coal sack!!!… but I improvised, lifting it and pulling myself up, covering the ground really quickly in short 50 yard stints (I much prefer attacking something fast in short bursts with a minute or so’s rest in between rather than a slow long haul with long rests…. that’s no fun and feels like you’re going nowhere….very disheartening). I was enjoying it and bathing in the praises of the fellow assenters who I was leaving in my wake…. it was doing wonders for my ego…. Oh my God…. I’ve still got an ego!!!!! I’ve still got some work to do on that too!!!!! 😉

*Well actually, an ego’s not such a bad thing to have as long as it doesn’t get out of control and start to control you!!!!!!*

I got to the top around midday (probably the worse time possible in terms of heat!!!…. but hey….. I’m an Englishman……. wouldn’t have been cricket not to have reached there at any other moment!!!!!!)….. and its truly amazing up there. It’s not flat at all, but a series of deep “V” crevasses, anything up to 50 ft deep lying at parallels across the Big Red Fella.

It was hot and bloody windy so I decided to seek some shelter and went exploring for a suitable place. I was suprised to discover outcrops of trees up there and headed towards them, but the shade wasn’t enough from the sun, so I looked further and found a rock I could fit underneath. So I crawled under and was in cool shady bliss!!! 🙂

I got myself comfortable and had a doze (yes….. a doze….. nothing more!!!) for a couple of hours and rested up. Around 3 o’clock I got up and wandered back to the peak of the Big Red Fella. A couple were just leaving for their descent and I looked around and realised I had the entire top of the rock to myself!!!!!! It was amazing and magical. I found a spot to sit down and enjoy the views and experience and I was suddenly in an awe of acknowledgment for my body and what it had allowed me to do (and experience) so far that day…. I’d been out on the beer the night before…. had a few hours sleep….. cycled for hours…. walked for hours and had an extremely intensive climb in outrageous temperatures….. and……. I felt fine…… it was wonderful…. and in that moment I fully appreciated the freedom of experience my body allows me. It allows me to fulfil my dreams in the way I wish to dream and I love it for that. 🙂

After about 40 or 45 minutes of Being (and noticing another group of rocks in the distance and wondering what they were) some more people started arriving up there, so I figured that was my cue to depart and so off I went on the descent, running in places, using my downward momentum to get me up the other side of each “V” cut. I was having so much fun and glad I had some North Face shoes which just stuck like glue with every point of contact, meaning I could pretty much trot all the way down, receiving the odd ego boost again!!!!! It was really funny, 30 yards from the bottom there was a group of Japanese girls beginning on the way up watching me as I was trotting down. I heard a collective “wow” as I smiled, said hello and went past them!!!!!! Then as I reached the bottom, I didn’t break stride and just jumped straight on my bike (which was there waiting for me) and sped off into the distance!!!! Now that must’ve looked cool……. and if it didn’t……. it certainly felt that way!!!!!! 🙂

I cycled out to the cultural centre and had a butchers hook around, aswell as treating myself to some ice-cream (any ice cream you want body…… you deserve it……. and lucky enough, my body’s favourite ice-cream was exactly the same as mine!!!!!!! :-)……… I’m such a wanker..…. but I’m enjoying myself!!!!). Then I cycled out to the sunset viewing area. It was a bit cloudy, so the colours only shone briefly, but were still magical and I was even more glad that Luke had closed the path that morning, so allowing me to experience the full beauty of the sunrise. Cheers mate. 🙂

After, I thought I’d be cheeky and try and hitch, with the bike, back to the resort. Couldn’t really be arsed to cycle that distance again, but felt ok to if had to. I clocked a couple, with a VW Camper Van, who seemed cool and went over to them to ask if they’d give me a lift back to the resort…. and as it turned out they were English and they were cool!!!! Sorted!!! 🙂

So I jumped in the back of their camper, with the bike, and we headed back to the resort, with me taking in the wonderful sight of Uluru/Ayers Rock/The Rock…….. The Big Red Fella, at dusk, through the back window as we left it in the distance.

I knew I’d probably never go up there again. I knew that I had no intention of ever going up there again. I knew that today was my day, a special day, and I’d learnt a lot from the experience.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part III

So…………. I immediately cycled over to the ranger and asked about the path to the top. He said that he had to close it because of the wind, but he’ll probably open it again by 9. I said “Do you reckon I could get to the sunrise spot in time”…. “Probably not on that” he answered. Then…. putting my cunning plan into action;-)….. “Could you give me a lift?” I asked cheekily. “Yeah..… no worries. I’m going that way anyway. Throw your bike on.”

Now, the ranger was a cool guy, his name was Luke, he’d worked in the National Park for 4 years and………….. he was Aboriginal!!!! He looked half Aborigine to me. His skin was that of an afro-carribean, a bit lighter then your average Aborigine whose skin complexion is very dark, and his features were a bit softer, but still blatantly Aboriginal. We had a good chat en-route and I enjoyed his company for that brief period of time. He dropped me off and I was very grateful.

I’d made it for sunrise!!!!!!…….. Along with a million other tourists!!!!!! But I was still glad to be there and I found a comfortable spot to watch………and what a sight it was!!!! The colours were beautiful and as I stood there I was so glad I was standing there witnessing it rather then on top as I had planned……… then it hit me and I had a massive smile on my face……. an Aborigine had stopped me from climbing the Rock and I had enjoyed the company of an Aborigine for part of the sunrise!!!!!!!! How’s that for reality responding to your thoughts!!!!! I love the way the Universe works!!!!!!

The other thing that was wonderful, was that after about 15 minutes everyone scarpered and I was left there by myself (apart from some people who looked to be taking ‘professional” pictures. They stayed for another 15 minutes or so). I stayed, and enjoyed the tranquillity of the moment, until about half seven, at which point I departed and cycled right around the Rock on the road, back around to the start of the path on the other side. It was fantastic…. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it the whole way round!!!!

When I got back to the gate, I read another notice which really disturbed me. It was a sign saying something along the lines of “The indigenous people warn that people have died on the path to the top of Uluru and it is very dangerous. We care about you and are concerned for you’re well being and as the OWNERS (?????!!!!!!) of Uluru ask that you do not climb the path as it is a sacred site to us”. What????!!!!! So first we have creation of fear….. then we have (in my opinion) false sentiment….. and then we have an anti-spiritual diabolical liberty!!!! Who told them they were the OWNERS?!!!!!

The way I see things THE ONLY THING A MAN CAN OWN IS SOMETHING THATS BEEN CREATED BY THE HAND OF MAN!!!!! (or woman…. dont you oppress me!!!…. I want to be called Loretta 😉 ). I know practically all the land across this planet is owned by someone, but that doesn’t mean its right…… and it most definitely isn’t right if it’s such a special place which is important to everyone….. even if they dont realise it.

The fact is the Aborigines claim The Rock as their own on the presumption that they’re the first people there and have been there for 40,000 years. Now…. how exactly do they know they were the first people there???? In fact…. the only reason they know they’ve been there 40,000 years is probably because some white guys told them they were!!!!…….. No?……. Well how many Aboriginal archaeologists with carbon dating equipment do you know of??!!!…. Gor Blimey!!!!……. I’ll retract my statement if you can show any contrary evidence…… but at the end of the day….. who says the white guys are right anyway?!!!!!! No one can say for sure.

The fact is there’s a massive guilt trip being fed to White Australians by extreme white liberals, who seem to think that the only way to overcome the injustices suffered by the native Aboriginal people is to give them whatever they ask for. This has meant that vast areas of the continent of Australasia is rented by the Australian Government, with the monies being collected by Aboriginal communities. The Aboriginal communities then rent more land to farmers….. fantastic you might think….. this’ll mean the Aborigines have financial freedom and can live with dignity however they choose to.

NO!!!!!….. Because the extreme white liberals dont think that’s enough…. on top of that they give the Aborigines each individual state benefits, which are in excess of the benefits that white Australians are entitled to, so creating a lack of need to be self-sufficient, and thus dependency, in the Aboriginal communities and the creation of more injustice, this time towards the White Australians who feel that they are being unfairly treated by the system. On the one hand the Aborigines seem to learn that the Australia owes them a living, and on the other the White Australians think that they pay their taxes just so the Aborigines can get go and get pissed…… and it’s all creating such massive divisions between the two communities.

And, as I read that sign, all this went through my mind…. and I thought “You know what… I bet an Aborigine didn’t even write this…. I bet it was worded by an extreme white liberal fulfilling their own personal agenda”. Yes, of course, I could be wrong…. I dont know that for a fact…. but what I do know for a fact is that you cant heal an injustice by creating more injustices!!! And no person of this generation is responsible for the horrific treatment that the Aboriginal peoples have endured…. you’re only responsible for the consequences of your own actions…….. so lighten up you Germans.…. its all gravy….. and you Japanese….. you Spanish…. Portuguese…… Russian…. Chinese …. American … BRITISH, in fact every nation under the bloody sun because they’ve all been responsible for some kind of atrocity at some point in their histories…. AND WE’RE NOT RESPONSIBLE!!!

The point is – the Aboriginal Australians are not responsible for the decisions which give them their entitlement…… and the European Australians are not responsible for the atrocities of the past, and yet it is with this that the extreme white liberals are dividing the two communities and giving themselves a job!!!! (Well……. someone’s gotta social engineer them back together!!! 😦 )

So, I began to walk around the Rock, along the path by its foot, which is about 8 miles. I decided to walk around the Rock the opposite way to which I had cycled, and as I walked I looked upon the Rock with awe and inspiration. I started thinking about the name of the Rock. When I looked upon it as Uluru…. it became like a magical place to me….. it was almost as if it was a person, and then when I thought about it as Ayers Rock…. it seemed solid to me and I was taken aback by its physical presence. Both names invoked a different experience in the way I viewed it.

But, when it comes to the name, you can feel the pressure being exerted to call it Uluru (probably originating from the same extreme white liberals) and it disturbs me. It’s like… if you call it Ayers Rock then you’re frowned upon in some kind of judgemental tirade and I dont find that to be acceptable. I know it as Ayers Rock because that’s how I first heard it called and that sounds like a propa name for a place to me. And Uluru…. well, that makes the place sound like a friend…. your best friend :-).

But the thing is it doesn’t matter what you call it!!!! They’re only words to describe a place…. a very significant and special place….. and the only thing that matters is that you recognise that fact!!!! If you’re caught up in a debate over the right or wrong thing to call a place, then you’re hooked up in the lies of division!!!!

And so extreme white liberals….. if you wanna play the race game and try and brain wash me into using only the terminology YOU deem correct…… LETS PLAY……

A black guy came along and named The Rock (I’m only referring to it as the Rock cos its quicker to type!!!! ;-))…… Uluru…….. And a white guy came along and named The Rock…. Ayers Rock….. now……. being a white guy myself I can only see it as being right under race rules to call it what the White guy said….. I wouldn’t want to offend those white people….. they’ve got loads of power and have got the biggest guns……. I dont wanna be messing with em!!!!…. Especially after the Aborigines said that I was of Aboriginal skin!!!!!….. My God……. If the white guys found that out they’d string me up for being a turn-coat!!!…… I cant be risking that…… AYERS ROCK!!!…. AYERS ROCK!!!!!….. AYERS ROCK!!!!

Well…. it’s all BOLLOCKS innit. They’re just trying to divide people with all this bull shit. There is no them and us, there is only us, and its not about being on one side of the fence or the other, its about realising that there’s not a fence at all!!!!!

As I continued, about half way round, I saw a steep slope up the side of the rock leading to what looked like a cave. All I can say is that I was drawn to it…. so I followed my heart and climbed the 150 or so feet up the side of The Rock.

Once there, I went onto having an experience I’ve never had before……

Love and Light,


Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part II

So……. I’m off the plane, collecting my luggage and being delivered to my hotel/dorm. Now, Ayers Rock resort is about 15 odd miles from the Rock itself and is a collection of about 5 hotels, a camp site and small shopping centre. It’s got its own school, hospital and police station. It’s basically like a small town, spread over a large area, built by a travel agent!!!!! So, as you may well guess, there’re plenty of places to work there.

Now, when I got to Sydney, there were a couple of Irish guys at the hostel who’d just got a job a Ayers Rock and I wondered, on the airport connection bus, if I’d bump into them. Seeing the layout and size of the resort, the odds looked pretty slim…. or so I thought!!!!

After I checked in, I walked towards my dorm, and who was directly in my path…. Chris, one of the Irish guys…. I’d met him immediately!!!! After a few “Good to see ya bro” exchanges, I noticed how down he was. I was like…. “Bud, what’s up?”…. he goes “Ahh…. dont ask….. I’ve already been almost sacked today”….. “What for?”…… I asked. “FOR NOT SMILING ENOUGH!!!!! How can you smile when its 40 degrees here and they wont let you use the pool cos you’re staff. It’s shit….I’ve had enough, there’s nothing to do here”.

I cracked up!!!! …. “Mate, you gotta get outta here” I said…… “Tell me about it” Chris replied. Without even realizing it, the poor bleeder was doing a fantastic impersonation of Marvin – the robot from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy!!!! 🙂

And it was true!!!! I’d already noticed at check-in how all the staff seemed to be putting on proper Californian fake smiles. Gor blimey….. it was like something out of the stepford wives…. Bloody freaky!!!

So I dumps me stuff and heads off with the intention of sorting out a way of getting to Ayers Rock for sunrise the next morning……..on the Spring Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere. I went to the tour office to check out the possibilities of getting an early bus there, and my God…… the bird on the desk was freaking me out. She was answering all my questions with that exaggerated fake smile, and I could see in her eyes what she was thinking…..

“Fucking tourist…. I don’t want to answer your questions anymore…. I’ve had enough…. day in day out answering the same bloody questions (sometimes twice to the same bloody person!!!!)…. I’m better than this…. I’ve got a life you know…. at least I had one before I came here….. it’s hell…. if only you knew the torment I’m going through!”

……. “Yes Sir…. and the sunrise tour is $50”………. What the fuck!!!!! $50 dollars for basically a lift to the Rock!!!!! No matter how you dress it up with a fancy name, it’s a mini-bus service!!!! What a liberty!!! I thought there’d be a proper bus service, but by the looks of it, the resort has got a protected monopoly on all public service transport there and prices start at $50!!!!!!!

I wasn’t having that! “Where can I hire a bike?” I demanded….. “I don’t know Sir”….. fake smile, fake answer….. “Yes you do…. you’re just not telling me” I retorted……. with a fake smile:-). With that I headed for the road in pursuit of a bicycle….and guess what happened……

Just as I left the hotel grounds and hit the road, I saw this guy on a bike riding towards me. I thought “Diamond…. he’ll be able to let me know where to get a bike”. So I flagged him down. I said “Excuse me bud, where can I hire a bike from?”. He said “Don’t know”. I was a bit confused and asked “Well, where did you get this from then?” and he goes “Its mine…I live here”. I was like “Oh…well do you know where I can get one from then?”

He then suddenly got off his bike and said “Here you go…… take mine”. I couldn’t adam and eve it “What…. are you having some kind of bubble bath?” I said……. he said “What?”….. “Are you joking?” I continued….. “No, take it, it’s yours” and he handed me his bike!!!! “Bro…you cant be serious” I said (without any McEnroe connotations) “How much do you want for it?” …….. “Nothing” he said…… “Well at least let me get you some beers” I offered….. “Yeah, that’s cool” and then he started to walk off!!!! I shouted after him “Well when? where?”…… “Err…. tomorrow night, you’re in this hotel right”….. “Yeah” I responded and continued “I’ll see you tomorrow night then …… Oh bud….. What’s your name?” I hollered after him. “Liam!” he hollered back. “Thanks… I’m Lee…. nice to meet you!!!!” With that I cycled off to the shopping centre to have a butchers hook around!!!

I swear…. That’s exactly what happened! 🙂

Now, another strange phenomenon which keeps presenting itself to me since I’ve arrived in Australia, is that random people keep making random comments and asking if I live here. As I was paying for my groceries at the check out, the guy asked me that out of the blue again!!! I must be radiating something! 🙂

Anyway I gets back, has a cheeky swim in the pool (see Chris and rubbed in the fact !…. He smiled!!!!) and then went to cook meself a bit of grub. While I was eating I thought it’ll be a good idea to go and find out how to get out of here and get to Alice Springs the day after tomorrow. So I finished me munch and headed back to the centre and found the tourist office. There was an old German guy serving at the desk. He was very helpful and looked thoroughly miserable….. not a fake smile in sight…. it was so refreshing!!!!!

After I had got some info, I started looking at some postcards and one of the girls, who also worked there, came up to me and whispered -in a nudge nudge wink wink style – “Have you got a pass for the National Park?” (to get into the National Park you have to buy a three day pass costing $25). I said “I’m gonna get one on the gate tomorrow morning”. She goes “Here take this…but don’t tell anyone”. She gave me a pass with a day still to run on it – 21st September 2005 – that some tourist had handed in to her. “Do you want anything for it?” I enquired. “Oh no….. I’d get the sack if anyone found out I’d even given it to you…keep it to yourself”…… “Thanks so much….have a wonderful day” I responded. I would’ve stayed to chat her up…. but she wasn’t my type… shame. 😉

21st Sept

So, within a few hours of arriving at Ayers Rock I’d met Chris (and Stuart), sorted out my transport and gained free entry to the park…..Fan-fucking-tastic!!!!! And I’d also seen the prices for bike hire….. $40 per 24hr period!!!!! Liberty takers everywhere!!!! Its really not cricket!!!! Not the way the Australians play it anyway!!!! (ahhhh…. I’m so glad I have the freedom to make that kind of dig after the recent Ashes series…. it doesn’t happen that often…… once every couple of decades infact!!!!)

After a shower and dinner, I went for a cheeky beer…… and true to form…. it turned into a cheeky 4!!! I had a good night, but was in bed by 12pm. So much for an early night….I had to be up by 4am!!!!!

So, sleeps in a bit and am on the road by 5am, actually looking forward to my 15 mile ride. I had 1 hour and 37 minutes to get to the top of Ayers Rock and witness the Equinox Sunrise. It was really chilly at that time in the morning, but the sky and air was crystal clear and there was a lot of light from the moon. As I cycled along, completely undisturbed, I could see the silhouette of the Rock in the distance….it was beautiful. Every now and then a car would fly by and I’d turn me torch on to let it know I was there, and as I motored along, I really had the sensation that Ayers Rock wasn’t getting any closer!!!! It felt like I was in a gym, on an exercise bike with a picture of it in front of me!!!!! And then, to make matters worse, about 45 minutes into the ride (because of the way the road goes) I was cycling past it!!!!! How disheartening was that!!!! The road bears right, goes past it and then chucks a left!!! I really wasn’t happy, but the views I had of the rock as the night turned into dawn were spectacular and awe inspiring…. it was truly magnificent.

Its really pathetic as well though…. the day before, the fake smile bird was warning me not to cycle there before sunrise because of the dangers from the wildlife “Its our policy to advise people to refrain from entering the park before 6am due to the dangers from wildlife” were her actual words. What the fuck?…… What gonna happen?… Are a gang of Kangeroos gonna be on the street corner waiting to mug me?!!!!!

FUCK OFF WITH YOUR CREATION OF FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you think Captain Scott was worrying about all the gansta penguins waiting for him in Antartica!!!!!! No!!!!! So if I wanna take a risk…. It’s my one to take…. if indeed there even is a risk. No doubt the wildlife would be more scared of me on me Raleigh steed wielding me Wilkinson Torch!!!!!! 🙂

Now, another thing you should know, is that since I arrived in Oz and told people I wanted to go to Ayers Rock, many Australians have said that the Aborigines wont let you go up there. Others have said that they prefer you not to go up there because it’s a sacred site to them. That made me feel INCREDULOUS!!!!! What right has any group of people to deny another group of people the right of access to any part of this planet, especially if it’s a land formation and doubly especially if it’s a spiritual place! No right whatsoever!!!! What matters is the intent of the individual and their reasons for wishing to be there. Anything else is tantamount to racism, and if a people deny access on those grounds then their not enlightened and there is no reason to respect their false sentiments to spirituality. They may as well be Catholic!!!!! Spiritual sites around this planet are there for the greater good of all humanity and not the exclusive acquisition of a few members who claim to have been there first. Access is important for anyone on a spiritual journey and even those who may not be aware of the fact.

The closest comparison I can make is that of Glastonbury Tor. That is an extremely spiritual place and is sacred to me and millions of others. I’m an Englishman and it happens to be in England, but I wouldn’t dream to think that that would give me the right to make constraints on who could or could not go up there. Everyone has a right to climb Glastonbury Tor, no matter who they are, what their beliefs are, what their race is or where they’re from – whether for touristical or spiritual reasons. The only thing that I have a right to be concerned about is if those individuals respect the Tor while they’re up there and do not consciously damage it in any way.

I’ve been up Glastonbury Tor in the region of 50–60 times and every time I’ve had a different experience in terms of atmosphere, weather, cloud formations and the people I’ve met. It’s a very special place. One time I when I went up there, there was a bunch of about 15 Peruvians in full national dress!!!!! How the fuck did they get there!!!! Thank God they weren’t playing the pan-pipes!!!!!!! 🙂

So, with all that in mind, as I’m approaching the Rock, I’m thinking “If an Aborigine tries to stop me going up there to experience the sunrise on the Southern Hemisphere Spring Equinox, then I’m gonna ask him to join me….. how fantastic would that be!!!! And if he happens to reject my wonderful invitation and attempts to jab me with a spear:-)…… then I’m gonna stand me ground and explain the situation in no uncertain terms!!!!!!!”

Anyway, I arrived at the base of the Rock, by the start of the pathway up there, at about 6am. 24 carrot Pukka…. I’m bang on schedule!!!! But, it was really windy, and then I saw the gate was closed and a sign above it read – “Due to weather conditions the path is closed at present”…… OH FUCK!!!!!! SHIT!!!!! BLOODY HELL!!!!!BUSTED!!!!

I was momentarily gutted!!!! It went through my mind to jump over the fence and walk up there anyway……but I take calculated risks, I never take stupid ones, and looking up there I knew that if its windy down here it could be ten times as severe up there and I didn’t know the path or the terrain, and anyhow….. there didn’t look like there would be much to hold onto if you really got caught by a gust.

So, I didn’t know what to do, time was getting on and I didn’t figure that I could get to the best spot to witness the sunrise from the ground (it was the other side of the Rock…. about 4 miles away). I thought “Mate…. What’s going on?”. Then I looked around and saw, about 150 yards away, a ranger emptying some bins.

And just like Baldrick…… I had a cunning plan….

Love and Light,




Miller and the Ayers Rock Adventure Part I

So it was 8.11 in the morning and the bus was picking me up at 8.20. I tell you what…. it was like the first scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant jumping around shouting a quintessentially English “Oh Fuck” to himself, the difference being I was jumping around shouting a quintessentially Cockney “Fucking Muppet” to myself!!!!

So I woke Vicky up and had to explain, in a panic, that she had to get up cos I had to hand the sheets in and check out within minutes!!!! My head really wasn’t working cos of the beers the night before and every command my brain gave my body seemed to be both delayed and misinterpreted…. I was all over the place!!!! I gave up trying to be quickly methodical in my efforts at speed packing and just resorted to throwing everything in!!!!

So I got ready, packed and checked out within just less than 15 minutes, which meant I was 5 minutes late and there was no bus!!!! Fucking Muppet!!!! But then thought and hoped the bus might be late so chilled and spent some last moments with Vicky (nice girl)….. then the bus turned up, lucky enough being 10 minutes late!!! Nice one!!!

So, says me goodbyes and jumps on the bus with my head still really not working properly and a Canadian couple being really nice, but continually trying to engage me in conversation. Really didn’t need that, but didn’t have the heart to tell them to “Shut the fuck up…. I’m really not interested!!!”. Resorted to searching my bag for my walkman and the entire contents of the bag went over the floor just before we picked up a group of Japaneses!!! Oh my God…. you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to collect everything back up and fit back in my bag, before they could get in!!! I just started drinking gallons of water, hoping that’ll sort me out.

Anyway, we gets to airport and the driver asks me what terminal I need to be dropped at. I was like “Brother… I got no idea…. but I’m going to Ayers Rock if that helps”. So he took me to the one he reckoned was right and as I got my back pack off he asked me for my ticket for the bus. I had no idea where it was and so had to unpack all of my bag on the pavement!!!! Found the ticket and the geezer drove off, leaving me to repeat the packing exercise again…. I was really bored of it by then!

Anyhow, I goes through and checks in and goes through to departures….. then it hit me…. I’d booked the bus pretty early so I would be one of the first to check in so I could guarantee myself a window seat so I could see the outback from the air as we flew across it. My head was in such a state I’d completely forgot about that plan and hadn’t asked for a window seat. I looked at my boarding pass and was gutted to see the letter D by my row number. FUCKING MUPPET!!!! That’s blatantly not a window seat!!!

I immediately rushed back to the counter to see if I could have it changed but by that time all the window seats had gone. The women said I could ask the flight attendants on board and they might be able to do something, but probably not. Oh well, I thought, but then had a Basil Fawlty moment and really wanted to punch a flower!!!! 🙂

Later I proceeded to board and once on the plane I explained the situation to the flight hostesses. One of them, Chinese looking and called Lee Lee (nice touch), took my boarding pass and looked at it. She said… “Oh, you were 55th to check in…. you could’ve got a window seat at that time”…… I looked at her and said “Well thanks for that……that makes me feel so much better”

……she laughed ……… I didn’t!!!!!   😦

But then they said that I should wait there and they’d see what they could do. It was a picture, they were walking up and down the aisle asking people if there was anyone sitting there etc, really trying to sort me out, then I got the signal…. they’d found one!!!!…. and it was by the fire escape…. bonus!!!! So I sat down, but then the other hostess explained that “There still might be a couple more people to board and I may have to move, but fingers crossed hey”. Then I saw a couple of people walking down the aisle……. I knew where they were heading, but intensively tried to keep myself in denial. I thought “If only I was an ostrich, then I could bury my head in the sand and no one would notice me”. But I wasn’t and apparently they don’t do that anyway!!!…… and then the inevitable….. “Excuse me, I think you might be in my seat”….. dont you just hate that line!!!!!

Oh Bugger!!! So I got up and went to find my allocated seat, and guess what….. some bastard was only sitting in it!!!! So I used the killingly annoying line and he went to get up, but then I said “Oh, dont worry mate”. The hostess said I could sit where I wanted, so I went back to the fire escape aisle and ended up having a half decent view anyway.

Three and a half hours later, my heads finally sorted and I got my first view of Ayers Rock. It was amazing. And from then on some wonderful manifestations started to occur.

love and light,


Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part V

After we got back, and had dinner, I started talking and having a bubble with these Aboriginal women. They were good fun and wanted to know if I was married…… always the case with these girls!!!…. I dunno if they like me in particular or any guy that’s nice to them!!!! Because they weren’t hotel guests they couldn’t get drinks at the bar, so they used me as their alcoholic supplier, giving me the wonga to go and get their drinks for them. I was happy to oblige…. but boy could they drink!!!!!! 🙂

Later, Paul and Yvonne joined me in the bar and after a while I clocked some Aboriginal guys having a beer, and saw that one of them was one of the friends of the women I was talking to earlier…. I hadn’t seen the man in the brochure, so I hoped maybe these guys could shed some light on my question. I walked over and politely introduced myself. Richard recognised me and gave me a nice welcome and I explained I’d like to know about the Olgas. I asked if any of them was an Elder and Richard said this guy was, but didn’t speak the best English. I explained the journey that I’d been on, and that I didn’t need to know the traditional Aboriginal stories related to the Olgas because they were a private matter for the Aboriginals, but there was something that I wanted to ask about them. Richard was translating, but he said the Elder understood what I was saying, and they seemed to be quite open to me.

So I quickly ran back to my room to get my book Heavens Mirror to show them the pictures of Stonehenge and Angkor Wat, and to get the ring, that has inscriptions on it, which I “found” at Stonehenge ( I’ll tell that story in due course ) on the Spring Equinox.

On my return I explained that the energy at the Rock felt masculine to me and that I thought the Olgas represented feminine energy, yet the Aborigines use the Olgas for “Men’s Business” and the Rock for “Women’s Business”. Now I think that the Aborigines couldn’t possibly have made such a mistake and so I believed that they used the Rock as a place for women to achieve balance/oneness and the Olgas as a place for men to achieve balance/oneness…….. but I didn’t want to put the words into the geezers mouth. I just wanted confirmation of the conclusions I’d been drawn to. So I just asked if the Aborigines believed that the Olgas represented feminine energy? But even as I spoke to him, I just saw a look of blankness in his eyes…….. I didn’t believe he even had an answer to my question……. he said something to in Aboriginal to Richard and Richard said “He wants you to buy him a beer”.

I felt completely disheartened….. I just fell silent for about a minute, I couldn’t believe it…. I was talking to an Elder, about Spiritual matters, and all he seemed to care about was the beer…. he didn’t even appear to pay any attention to the pictures in the book…. I threw the ring on the picture of Stonehenge and said, looking the geezer in the eye, “There are some things in this world which are worth more than beer” then, picking up the bottle with the remains of my beer and banging it infront of him “Have mine if it means so much to ya”. I then walked straight to the bar and bought a beer for Richard, returning and thanking him for his help…. to be honest.… he didn’t seem too bothered and didn’t even say thank you…. oh well.

I returned to join Yvonne and she noticed how down I looked and I told the story of what had just happened. She said…”Lee….. it’s a shame they’re conditioned by beer…. but at least they heard you out and made an attempt to talk to you about it….. not everyone would’ve got that far with them”. I could see there was a truth in what she said, but I still felt let down and I wondered if any Aborigine was enlightened enough, anymore, to know that they were in “dream time” with every breath that they took. But I also knew that just because of the mere fact that I was asking these questions, the answers would cross my path.

Before bed I gave Paul and Yvonne the keys to the car and wished them a good nights sleep. In the morning they returned at 10 and had actually done the sunrise at the Rock, the base walk and had revisited the Olgas. That took my KM over my allowance, but we’d already agreed that they would cover that and just split the petrol seeing as we’d both done the same milage. That was cool with me…… I was glad to pass on a favour.

So I took the car back and blagged a lift back from the airport. At some point I saw Yvonne looked down. I asked what was up and she said she wanted to stay at the Rock for Christmas, but because she’d chopped and changed the plans so much before, Paul had had enough and wanted to stick to the plan of moving on to Perth. “If it’s gonna be hot you may as well be in a special place like Ayers Rock for Christmas” I said “but you should probably just leave the decision to the Universe and toss a coin for it!!!!”…. So I said I’d have a word with Paul and dually did so. When I left Yvonne and Paul made an effort to see me off, which I was grateful for, and I asked if they’d come to a decision about Christmas. Paul said….”Not yet, but they’d probably toss a coin for it” I goes “That’s exactly what I said to Yvonne you should do!!!”…. me and Paul were exactly on the same wave length!!!!!!! 🙂

And then I said my goodbyes and departed.

So…………. are the Olgas Feminine? I honestly cant say because I already came to the Olgas with a preconception in mind. But what I would say is that Ayers Rock stands proud before you on the horizon and demands your respect through its sheer physical presence………… whereas the Olgas …… well their domes create curves which are reminiscent of the curves on a woman’s body.….. and their shadows create an air of mystery and wonder….. the Olgas make you want to fall in love with them…. and in that statement I think I just answered my own question!!!

So here’s to the Masculine and the Feminine,
To Mistletoe and Holy,
And here’s to a Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part IV

So I woke up about 12 and went for a swim. When I returned to my room, there was a couple in there. We said our hellos and started talking about the Rock (obviously!!!!!), and as they’d just got there they were wondering what to do. I said it was all a rip off with the transport and that the resort had a monopoly here. I said that when I first arrived I expected there to have been some kind of public bus service at a reasonable price, and they concurred with having the same expectation. I told them I had a car and was going out to the Olgas for the sunset and I could leave a bit earlier if they wanted to do the walks around there before hand. Paul and Yvonne both said that I didn’t have to do that and they’d give me some money… I was like… dont be silly, I dont expect anything for it, I’m going out there anywhere and I’d rather read a book waiting at a nice spot there then by the side of the swimming pool. I told them it was mid summers day and they were a mixture of surprised enthusiasm while kicking themselves for not noting it themselves!!!! They said ok…. we’ll just check some stuff out and see you later. Cool as…. I was glad to be able to help someone out and didn’t expect anything for it.

So I went off to have a shower and had a thought. You remember the last time I was there someone I didn’t know gave me their bike…….. well….. I thought – “You know what, after this evening I wont need the car anymore and yet I’ve got it until late morning tomorrow…. I could go one better then giving a complete stranger my bike….. I’ll offer them my CAR!!!!”. Fuck…. what a thought…. if they accept that offer then that would be fantastic and yet another parallel to my last visit!!!! And what a parallel…. that’s what life’s about – having faith in people and passing it on!!!!!

I thought, however, that they may not go for it…… even some travellers dont always go with the flow and take an opportunity they’ve created and that the universe has presented to them, worrying more about rules and regulations. So I formulated a strategic persuasive battleplan for that eventuality…… if they at first turned it down I was gonna say….”Look…. No.1….. the roads are dead straight and there’s hardly any traffic…. what the fuck can happen, No.2…. even if it does happen all you’ve got to say is you’re me and No.3….. it’s a well known fact that in Australia most Aborigines and out back farmers dont even bother with car insurance anyway….. they give a massive middle finger to the government and the regulations, and so the authorities see that they’re up for a fight……. and so dont bother with them!!!! Too much hassle you see……. governments dont like that…. they prefer to push around the people that they’ve made easy to control!!!

So…. armed with my battleplan I waited for Paul and Yvonne to return. Eventually they turned up and I asked them what they were talking about the moment before I walked through the door and met them. Yvonne said that actually they were getting stressed about what they were gonna do about seeing the Rock and about the price of everything!!!!

Aha!!!!!….. I thought…. there you go…… and I put my proposition to them…. and guess what…. being the cool people they were……. they took the opportunity with open hands without me even putting my plan into action!!!! It turned out that Yvonne and Paul had just sold off their care home for people with learning disabilities because the system was fucking them over with needless rules and regulations and bureaucracies. They’d run it for 6 years and not one client who became a resident ever wanted to leave!!! They also said the down side of that was that they’d had the same clients for 6 years and weren’t meeting any new residents with different challenges!!! I explained I had a similar background and confirmed their experiences with that of my own…. which were also very disheartening when dealing with councils and community facilitators.

They told me a few years ago they’d been running a social club for adults with disabilities, running 3 nights a week, with a membership of over 150 people. They run it on a grant from the council of just 8000 pounds a year…. and for many members it was their only form of social interaction…… yet a couple of years in the council cut their grant to 4000 pounds and the club had to shut down!!!! I said it winds me up that every March you see councils spending hundreds of thousands of pounds of their budgets on needless road improvements…. putting in curb stones where perfectly good ones already existed!!!… and putting in traffic lights where they were blatantly not needed……..so creating more traffic!!!!! And yet valuable community facilities get a pittance and then have that pittance halved!!! Paul said he’d used exactly the same example a couple of days earlier….. we were totally on the same wave length!!!!

*You see….. the government isn’t there for you….. it’s there to control you. It hasn’t got your best interests at heart…. it has its own interests at heart…. it isn’t there to protect you…. it’s there to keep you living in fear to protect itself….. it’s not there to help you achieve your potential…. it’s there to keep you just above the bread line working your arse off just to get by so that you’ve no time to contemplate the true meaning of life and ask the question of why you are in fact here!!!! It’s there to brainwash you into believing that life’s a struggle and you need it there for your security….. cos otherwise what you gonna do when you get ill or you get old or, god forbid, a terrorist knocks on your door!!!!! And you pay all your taxes funding the very same system that enslaves you….. well done! Life was never meant to be a struggle.*

So we left for the Olgas and it was nice to have company…. even if it meant not being able to bang out the tunes on the cd player!!! I drove straight to the gorge walk and was glad I did it earlier cos it was so busy at that time. I explained to the guys where to go and said I’ll find a spot and do a bit of reading. We arranged to meet in about an hour…. so I found a seat under some shade, next to this German woman…… and for about half an hour I witnessed this woman being totally taken out by the flies……. waving her arms about, shaking her head and blowing every time one landed near her lips!!! It was a bit unsettling, but also quite funny!!! I thought…. girl… either get used to the flies or go and sit in your car!!!!! 🙂 As it happens the flies weren’t really going near me….. perhaps they prefered Germans!!!!…. but I think it had more to do with the fact that she was giving out an energy/fear that the flies disturbed her…… and I was giving out an energy that I really didn’t give a shit about the little bastards….. and so they were attracted to her energy and not mine……… ok then………. maybe it was the Frankfurters!!!!!;-)

After one particular outburst of blowing, waving and shaking I turned away from my book and looked at her….. we got eye contact and both immediately burst out laughing…..what do you need language for?!!!!!!! 🙂

After that I felt I wanted to take in the views and take the place in. I was on the designated track, but it didnt feel right there with so many people walking back and forth. I wanted to be in the nature and so wandered a hundred or so yards into the bush….. I know…. what a liberty!!! But what I was pleased in myself about is that I didnt have to deal with all the pre-conditioned bullshit this time round. I found a spot and took in the sheer magnificance of the rock domes that stood before me…. the energy here was really powerful and I felt it following through me as I stood there…. it made me feel balanced and at peace…… I didn’t want to move…. I was simply happy in the silence.

After a bit I started looking out for the Bristollers, as I could see the path from where I was, and within a few minutes I saw them and went out to meet them. It was still an hour and a half until sunset so I offered to take them to the other path where they could walk to a viewpoint within 30 minutes. They said yes so off we went. We arrived at the Valley of the Winds and it was completely deserted… it felt fantastic and myself and the Bristollers acknowledged the fact. So off they went, arranging to meet back in about 50 minutes… dead on this time so we could make the sunset viewing spot, and I sat down to read my book….. then after a couple of minutes I looked up ahead of me……. one of the domes below the highest summit was about 500 yards directly infront of me and I just knew I wanted to be up there. So I made my way through the bush… which was quite dense in places…. eventually arriving at its base…. and then I began to climb. It was beautiful, there was no one about and it felt right for me to be there.

I reached the summit of the dome and looked out over the landscape…. it was beautiful. To my left, in the distance, I could see the Bristollers who had just reached the viewpoint, and then I looked behind me, taking in the magnificence of what I think is the highest dome summit in the Olgas. I felt at peace and I turned back out to face the landscape and opened out my arms to just above waist height…….

*If a couple of born again Christians had walked past they would have said to themselves…”Whats he doing with his arms?”.…..”I dunno…. imitating Jesus?”……. “Well he better be….cos he’ll never catch fish like that!!!”;-) *

………I felt the energy……… and I felt connected……. and as I stood there in my West Ham shirt, I felt like I’d just completed something….. I knew that in that moment I had achieved something very special and I had full appreciation for what I had done…. This year I had marked the Spring Equinoxes at Stonehenge and Ayers Rock, and the Summer Solstices at Angkor Wat and the Olgas……. I remembered some of the experiences I’d had during that journey…….. I felt like a higher power acknowledged the effort I had made in making that journey……… And I felt thankful.

SelfTimer Off

I made my way down and negotiated my way back onto the path and met up with the couple from Bristol. They thanked me for doing this for them and I explained that I was equally thankful because I probably wouldn’t have come back here if it wasn’t for them….. and I was very glad for it. We drove out to the sunset viewing area…. and thankfully it was….. ON THE GROUND!!!! So I had no need to venture anywhere else!!!! The sunset looked beautiful on the Olgas, but along the horizon was cloud cover so the colours “switched off” before the sun was completely gone, so I turned and watch the clouds and colours which were created in the sky…… it was so beautiful (I’m gonna have to get a thesaurus….. surely there’s more words in the English language which do a scene as much justice as the word beautiful!!!!).… it was covered with oranges, reds, blues and whites…….. much like the scene on a Northern Irish Orange Order march…… except without all the trouble!!!! 😉

As it happened we were the first there and the last to leave, being thrown out by the park ranger and it was almost dark as we drove away. No one said much in the car…. we were just listening to Ash, and me for one contemplating the events of the day. I had a peculiarly familiar feeling as I drove back through the bush…. I had the same sensation I always have when I’m driving anywhere in the west country after being out for the day and returning home at dusk…… it was pleasantly reminiscent of one of the most secure feelings I’ve ever had the pleasure to feel…. the English West Country is where my heart is and where, if I ever settle down, I hope to find myself….. Australia may well have the most positive energy I’ve ever encountered…. but England possesses an energy which is simply magical in its mystery.

Love and Light,


Miller and the Olgas Adventure Part III

Was up at 4.30 and off by 5. It was pretty cool in the car and being able to whack the tunes on all the way there. Depending on your speed, the Olgas are about 45 minutes from the resort and it was a good drive underneath the stars. I got to the viewing area just as the sky on the horizon was starting to turn blue and walked along the metal walkway to the viewing platform they had there. I wasn’t happy about that….. it was the sunrise of the Mid-Summer Solstice…. and I wanted to be in contact with the Earth as I experienced it….. but just like yesterday I was being held back by this conditioning after reading the signs there….. “Please respect Aboriginal land and help protect the vegetation by not leaving the viewing area” or words to that effect.

Now…. with the amount of people who trample through that area, those sentiments are quite reasonable if you’re just a tourist wishing to witness an event……. my reasons for being there were far deeper, and how many of those tourists who would be there for sunrise that morning would actually know that it was the southern hemisphere mid summers day…….. well based on my preliminary surveys…… NONE!!!!! So it wouldn’t matter as much to them as it did to me to be in contact with the Earth as the sun rose that day……….. but I was still giving myself a hard time about it……

Where does it feel right to be?……. Sitting over there in the sand……. So why cant you just go and do that?…… Because it says it would be disrespectful and I might damage the environment?…… What’s the name of the person you’re gonna disrespect and why exactly will they be offended?…… Dunno and dunno…. Ok, so if you walk a few yards off the platform and sit in the sand amongst the salt bush, where it feels right for you to be, what kind of damage are you gonna do?…… Well, I’m gonna leave some footprints in the sand and maybe an indentation of my arse!…….. And will those footprints damage the environment forever?…… No, they’ll probably be blown over within the next couple of days……. So you’re telling me by having this experience you’re gonna leave some footprints in the sand – Fucking wanker you are hey, fucking evil disrespectful bastard, people like you should be locked up. Footprints in the sand – what a crime!!!! You must be the worst kind of human being!!!!!!!!!!!!…………. Alright, enough already – point taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With that I jumped over the barrier and just walked about 15 yards across the sand behind a mound and a bush so no-one could see me and I had the feeling of experiencing the sunrise by myself. And when I sat down it was beautiful…… in the distance silhouetted by the blueing sky on the horizon, where the sun was rising…. was…. Ayers Rock.

It looked so special, and on my left were the even more beautiful domes that make up the Olgas. The way the light reflected and cast shadows along those wonderfully curved contours was truly exceptional….. and as the night turned into dawn, the colours that reflected at me were so deep and mysterious. I was so glad I’d got there so early as it meant I was able to witness the sunrise in its completion. No-one was still about and I’d already been there for around 35 minutes. It was so peaceful, looking at the Olgas, and the stars, and then looking down towards Ayers Rock and the glowing horizon.

*The day before I’d been looking at a postcard with an arieal photo of the Olgas, Ayers Rock and another mountain in the distance (I’ve forgotten the name of that one)…….. but I was amazed to notice that in the middle of this completely flat terrain…. these 3 features seemed to form a perfect straight in conjunction with each other. Seeing as the energy is amazing around the Rock and the Olgas….. maybe these features mark the path of a ley line.*

And then…….. the sound of motorised transport in the distance…. and by the time it became fully light, just before the sunrise itself, it sounded as if there were around 70-80 people there…… and I began to feel stressed. I tried to control myself…. but on the one hand the noise disturbed me and on the other I was still stressing that someone may see my foot prints…. and…. What would they think???!!!……. “Who gives a fuck Lee…. We’ve already established that you really aint committing a terrible crime…. Ignore your mind its full of shit!!!….. Listen to your heart and take in the experience.”

So, periodically, I enjoyed the watching the sunrise and the changing colours of the Olgas as the light reached and shone upon them…… but I was shocked how the way I’d lived my life for the past month and a half or so had really put me back to the conditioning of the consensus reality…. it didn’t feel good….. I felt as though I was even betraying myself and letting myself down by even paying heed to those programmed thoughts.

And then…. the sun had completed its ascent above the horizon to be in full view…….. and everyone scarpered!!! Jumping into their cars, vans and mini-buses and driving off to somewhere else…… and I was in beautiful peace again. 🙂 I stayed there for another 45 minutes or so…… enjoying the colours and the shadows as the light became stronger and the elevation of the sun changed in its angle. I was pleased I’d made the decision to jump the barrier….. I felt like I’d rediscovered myself again.

So I journeyed on and got to the predefined walk through the Valley of the Winds. There are only 2 designated walks around the Olgas. That one and a short gauge walk. The signs ask you to keep to the path and do not climb the domes as these are Aboriginal Sacred Lands. To be honest…. that seemed fine to me as the longer walk, even though not encompassing the Olgas, was good enough to experience them and I didn’t stray from the path. They are such a beautiful phenomenon though, you cant help but be struck by them. The only thing I didnt like though, was the fact that they closed the walk if the temperature rose above 36 degrees…… so much for personal risk and liability again……..Warn people of the dangers YES……. Restrict their freedom NO!!!!


“What…. your kid fell off a swing and now you want to sue the council……FUCK OFF!!!!” that’s all they’ve got to say…. but instead they give a big pay out and so encourage other muppets to try the same scam, simultaneously taking down the swings so no other kid has the opportunity to learn that if you’re on a swing….. you really need to hold on!!!!! So the kids coming through swell the muppet population, not having learnt their lessons in life and rely more on the government for all their needs….. it serves their purpose!!!!!!!! Not ours!!!!!!!*

After I’d done that walk I headed for the gorge walk. It was nice to do as there were hardly any people about, and the scene was quite stunning. After I returned to the resort and I got a few hours sleep. What a beautiful start to the day. Lovely  🙂

Love and Light,